Autism and ABA Therapy Services

About Our Comprehensive ABA Services

Every family is unique, and your ABA therapy plan should meet your needs wherever you are. Our comprehensive services are available both in-home and in our Autism Learning Centers to ensure excellent care is accessible to as many families as possible.

Building Blocks provides behavior modification services utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis principles to help families of children with special needs. Our ABA programs are delivered using a trainer-to-trainer model, which may include:

  • parent training
  • consultation
  • one-to-one intervention with the child to address goals in the areas of:
    • self-help
    • functional communication
    • socialization
    • executive functioning skills
    • behavior management
Adorable African American toddler smiles while playing with toys in her daycare or preschool. Her mid adult Hispanic teacher is writing something and smiling while the girl plays.

Additionally, Building Blocks conducts Functional Behavior Assessments to address maladaptive behaviors that impede the child’s ability to engage or develop skills in the home or the community.

Personalized Care

We are here to help by providing:

  • Individualized assessment and treatment plans built by experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)
  • A focus on goals that improve the quality of life for your child and family
  • Intervention strategies that are naturalistic, developmentally appropriate, and child directed
  • Sessions in your home and the community that help generalize treatment gains
  • Ongoing support and education to your family
  • Coordination of care with you and the other professionals who support your child and family

Meaningful Change for Brighter Futures

Our services help improve your child's:

  • Independence
  • Communication
  • Socialization
  • Self-Regulation
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Challenging Behaviors
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