Program Information

      Building Blocks provides behavior modification services utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis principles to help families of children with Special Needs.  Our ABA programs are delivered using a trainer-to-trainer model, which may include parent training and consultation, in addition to one-to-one intervention with the child to address goals in the areas of self-help, functional communication, socialization, executive functioning skills, and behavior management.  Additionally, Building Blocks conducts Functional Behavior Assessments to address maladaptive behaviors that impede the child’s ability to engage or develop skills in the home or the community.
            Our Social Skills Group Centers on
the following skills:
Identifying Emotions
Cooperative Play
Theory of Mind
Coping Skills
Turn Taking
  1. MONDAYS 3:00-4:00
    GROUP 1
  2. MONDAY 4:00-5:30
    GROUP 2
  3. THURSDAY 3:00-4:30
    GROUP 1
  4. THURSDAY 4:30-6:00
    GROUP 2